No Job, Need Student Loans – Should You Give Up?

Trying to find student loans for people with no jobs can be a challenge. The good news is, you can acquire student loans even if you have no job, no cosigner, and etc. because the student loans are meant to be paid off once you graduate from your chosen college or university. When you graduate the lenders expect you to begin a career in your chosen field that will help you begin to make payments on your student loans.

What Are Your Options if you Have No Job?

Federal Student Loans: The best source for you may be through federal funding. Start with your options for a federal student loan first. This will be one of your best options, and this is where you should begin your search for student loans. You can begin this by filling out your free application for student aid (FASFA), and you can even complete this application online if you would like to.

Visit Your School: Check out the college or university you will be attending, as they will have someone who can help you with the student loans you would most likely qualify for. They can give you all of the forms and applications (as they should always have these on hand for potential students) you will need.

Personal Information: Before you begin filling out your student loan application forms, you will need to gather all of your personal information so you will have it handy while you are filling out the various forms. Most likely all of them will ask for specific information about you, and you might just feel like you are filling out the same application over and over. Gather your tax return information for the last couple of years if you have any, your social security number, your mother’s maiden name, and anything else you can think of that they will ask for on the application. It is much better to have this information on hand than to stop in the middle of filling out your application to retrieve this information.

Take Your Time: Depending on how many applications and forms you have collected set aside at least one to three hours so you can properly fill in the applications and make sure you understand everything you have in front of you before you sign anything. Have the necessary tools as well. Some applications will state at the top of the form that you should fill it out with a pencil, or a black or blue pen.

Student Loan Consolidations Advice: Get in touch with a financial aid advisor and enlist their help. They are experts in the field of financial aid, and can help you with a variety of questions and concerns. You can also show your financial advisor your responses that you receive to see if everything is accurate. They can be a great asset to you when you need anything clarified about your student loans.

As you can see the list above provides you with some options for finding student loans for people with no jobs. Seek out all of your options with the help of the professional at your college or university, and then enlist the help of a financial advisor.

Source by Rob Hickey

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