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Free Epic Games PC Video Game

It seems Epic Games is giving away a new PC video game each week or month? The current free video games offer is the Limbo video game for your computer, which normally retails for $9.99!

This is yet another game I’ve never played. Oh no… I’m getting old! However, my brother has played it and he loved it.

It’s one of my favorite games! It’s absolutely for adults though. It tells a story without words and is very well done, IMHO. It’s about the experience more than the gameplay. Put some nice headphones on and just start playing. It’s REALLY short, too. I’d say you could get the whole thing done in 8-10 hours.

I can’t wait!

Previously Offered Free Epic Games

While these are no longer available, here’s a sampling of games Epic has offered for free over the past weeks.

  • World of Goo – $19
  • City of Brass – $15
  • Kingdom New Lands – $15

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