Work From Home Online

Work From Home Online

Finding an online job is easy and can earn yourself a significant income if you treat it as a real job.  There are many advantages when you work online. Listed below are just few;

  • Saving money on gas, bus fare or transportation costs to and from work.
  • You can deduct some of your rent, electricity and other costs from your taxes.
  • You never have to leave home and do not need work clothing.
  • You are able to eat at home saving you money on food and drinks.
  • You will have more time with friends and family and also less work related stress.
  • There is no traffic to sit in and will have more time to do the things that you like to do.

What I just listed makes everything sounds so perfect when working from home online right? Well there are a few cons as listed below.

  • You must be a self starter and disciplined to be a successful at home worker.
  • You will lose out on social time that you would normally have at work.
  • You may sometimes feel disconnected from the real world

Only you can make online work a success. One key is to find the right job for you. You will see multiple opportunities listed below in this blog.  Only you can answer the question. What opportunity best match your skills and what company best fits your lifestyle and goals


Upwork – Thousands of jobs waiting to be filled right now! Upwork is a fantastic way to make money online. Upwork connects freelancers with employers that need a job done, the jobs can range from writing an article to sales or general administration duties.

Upwork is very, if not the most reputable site online to find work. They come Highly recommended and you can start immediately!

Website Testing

Website Testing Jobs – Easy legitimate!

Website testing jobs are abundant and one of the easiest online jobs to get. As long as you have the appropriate equipment at home such as a computer, internet access and a microphone/headset you will be on your way to making a full time wage from the comfort of your home.

Website testing jobs do not require a background check and you can usually start within a day of applying. The jobs are very easy as long as you follow the instructions that are given to you. Click the links below to learn about these great jobs. 

Whatusersdo & Why They Do It

User Testing 



trymy UI 

Amazon Mechanical Turks

Amazon Mechanical Turk’s – Is Great for those who are good at high speed data entry! Mechanical Turks… The name sounds funny, but it can make you money IF you are really fast at typing or 10 key data entry. There is basically an unlimited amount of work that can be started immediately and done at anytime day or night. The pay per unit is very low but it can add up if you are an excellent at typing.

The only equipment that is needed is a computer with high speed internet access. Click the link below to learn about this great job opportunity.  

Mechanical Turks

Web Search Evaluation Jobs

Web search evaluation is one of the highest paying jobs that you can do online. These are great jobs. The jobs are not overly complicated however you must have good analytical skills and be very comfortable using the internet to performing searches.

The basic job function is to check the relevance of  Search Engine Result Pages known as (SERP’s). You will be given specific keywords to search for once found you will analyze the results for relevance. 

Skills needed for the job:

  • Analytical thinking ability
  • An understanding of search results and the internet
  • A broad knowledge of many subjects, people and pop culture
  • Be an independent worker and a self starter
  • Able to work efficiently without becoming distracted
  • You will need high speed internet access and a laptop or desktop personal computer.
Pay and hours

The pay for a web search evaluator can range from about $14 to $17 dollars per hour. Most companies do not have enough assignments to make it a full time job but you can always work at more than one company to make it a full time job.

The hours are pretty much up to you as long as you meet your deadlines.

How to apply

There are several steps in getting the job and most of these companies have the same or similar process.

  1. The first step is to fill out an application. It is your basic contact information and experience. Having little or no experience is not a big deal.
  2. Next you will take a written test. Most of it is just basic knowledge and they provide study material. The study material can be used during the exam.
  3. The third step will be another exam that will be online. It will give you a sample of the work you will be doing and then after it is completed the company will grade it.
  4. If you pass the online test you will then be assigned searches to be performed. 

To get started click on the Icons below to see the opportunities 


Fiverr is similar to Upwork –They to have thousands of jobs waiting to be filled right now! Fiverr is a great way to get started making money online. Fiverrr is a freelancer site that allows you to Get paid on  time, every time. upon completion of your gig (job). All you have to do is sign up for free, set up your gig, and offer your work to Fiverr’s global audience.

Fiverr has a platform that connects freelancers with employers that need a job done, the jobs can range from writing an article, video editing, to voice overs, to web analyst to sales or general administration duties.

You can start immediately! Click the link below to sign up and start your new online career. 


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