Disney heiress slams ‘Silicon Valley’ star for his ‘thirsty’ Instagram photo — then she read his caption

Dinesh, is that really you underneath all that muscle?

Kumail Nanjiani may play a nerdy coder on the popular sitcom “Silicon Valley,” but by the looks of his latest Instagram

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post, he’s clearly moved on to his next big project — a role in Marvel’s upcoming superhero flick.

While thousands of fans cheered his sculpted look, Abigail Disney, the wealthy granddaughter of Walt Disney Co.

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co-founder Roy Disney, took to Twitter

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to air her feelings:

She wasn’t finished. Not by a long shot. To look like that, she wrote, takes an “obsessive, controlling and all-around obnoxious person.” Disney said it’s that kind of post that puts pressure on kids who look to celebrities as role models.

“Conflating what Hollywood presents as ideal with health is a grave mistake,” she wrote during her tweetstorm. “Mentally at least, I know I would be far better off if I’d never seen a picture of Audrey Hepburn.”

Then this tweet got in the way:

So Disney took it all back, except one thing:

Marvel, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walt Disney, set a November 2020 release for “Eternals,” which stars Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and Salma Hayek alongside Nanjiani.

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